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Ashley Graham...
Where were you when I needed you?

I cried when I first watched Ashley Graham doing her Ted Talk. Where was she when I was growing up? Thighs that rubbed together and the cruellest of fashions hot pants – Girls sitting in the bath to shrink their Levi jeans well not me I was destined to hate myself. Loons, South Sea Bubbles and the essential thigh gap.

Age 16, and I was a curvy hour glass size 10 top and size 12 bottom and could have given Beyoncé a run for her money. Who knew that one day it would be ok or even highly desirable? Who knew that women would pay for bum implants and become self-made millionaires because of their extremely curvy figures? Perhaps I could have been a blond version of Kim Kardashian. Instead my mother took me to Weight Watchers and diet doctors.

If only I had been told that I was beautiful, perhaps I wouldn’t have sabotaged myself by eating too much. Being fat became a self-fulfilling legacy.

Ok so now I’m actually carrying too much weight, I’m a curvy size 20, but the iconic beautiful Ashley makes me feel not so bad about myself. It’s not ok to be overweight, I get that, it’s not great for your health, however I believe that all women have the right to have access to beautiful clothes.
Ashley Graham is in Vogue wearing Alexander McQueen, that’s such a breakthrough in so many ways, but what has saddened me is that on the McQueen site there are only small sizes, so obviously this amazing jacket has been specially made for Ashley.

Ashley Graham wearing Alexander McQueen in Vogue

Ashley Graham wears Marina Rinaldi for the front cover of Harper’s Bazaar

Make the most of yourself, demand the best. You are worth it.