Beige online is up and running during Covid19 lockdown

Corona Covid 19 – Keeping you safe

Update 21 July 2020

Corona Covid 19 – Keeping you safe. We took our time to adjust our processes to protect you and us from Covid 19. So, we’re happy to say that the Beige online shop is once again, open and our New Cavendish Street branch will be open in August. Yaay! 


New Cavendish Street (West End Branch) to
re-open early August 2020

Our New Cavendish Street branch will be open again very soon!  We will shortly update this page with a re-opening date in August 2020.  Yaay! 


The Directors are doing the packing

Please expect deliveries to take a little longer as it’s the symptom-free Directors, Leanda and Jonathan that will be taking care of you and doing the packing themselves.


Contact Free Deliveries

Like everyone, we’re adopting the World Health Organization’s guidance.
Our courier, UPS have changed their processes to make “contact-free” deliveries.

Stay Safe

Leanda and Jonathan
Beige Plus Ltd



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