Curvy Girls watch out for Plantar Fascitis!

Curvy Girls watch out for the Plantar Fascitis!

Being overweight does have an impact on our health.  Aside from the obvious and well documented diseases such as Diabetes, Heart Disease and Cancer there are a whole load of other issues.  As I get older I can see that my being overweight is having a direct effect on my wellbeing that my slimmer girl friends are not having.

With this in mind I thought that from time to time I would blog about health issues that are more prevalent to us curvy girls.  I have absolutely no medical training, however I am overweight and middle aged and I have first-hand experience of some issues that I want to share with you.   There are other issues that I haven’t had (thank goodness) but I know many women who have had them.

Plantar Fasciitis causes pain under your heel. It can be unpredictable and strike indiscriminately — it seems mine was triggered by wearing sneakers for a couple of days in a row.  I had just bought TWO pairs of these cute converse style lace ups from Kurt Geiger thinking how stylish and sensible (good for my bad back and achy knees …that’s a whole other story).

FasciitisIt is easy to diagnose and GPs are familiar with the classic symptoms.  Mainly a hot flash of pain as you take your first steps of the day across the bedroom. The pain re occurs during the day particularly if you sit for a while and then start walking again.

Pain killers help but are not a cure.  Ice packs really do help, obviously resting the foot helps (you have no choice when it’s bad) and weirdly, wearing heels is a lot is more comfortable than flat shoes.

Currently every morning when I get-out of bed my right foot has a really sharp unpleasant pain underneath by the heel as I put my weight on it.  Now I have to wear orthotics inside my shoes, visit a physiotherapist and do exercises.  If I’m diligent it should improve. Although I gather that there isn’t a cure for this condition.  I’m fortunate that I have medical insurance with Bupa and so I managed to get to see a top foot and ankle doctor Mr Martin Klinke from The London Foot & Ankle Centre.  Mr Klinke was kind and thorough. As part of his care I also visited Rina Bimbashi a top Podiatrist also part of The London Foot & Ankle Centre.

Not so fortunate is trying to find shoes that will accommodate the orthotics and be suitable for the condition AND be attractive.  Something will have to be compromised on… hmmmm I wonder what that will be!

Apparently this is a very common complaint and guess what, if you are overweight you will be more susceptible to getting it.

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