Mother of the Bride “How to Dress”

Mother of the Bride How to Dress

OMG, I’m the Mother of the Bride…what do I wear?

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Along side the traditional church wedding more and more couples are choosing exotic venues and civil ceremonies. We can no longer assume that the advice on wedding etiquette given in Debretts will work for you.

“I don’t want to let her down or
embarrass her. I’m size 26…
where can I go…what shall I do?”

Will there be a romantic sunset with vows exchanged on a Caribbean beach followed by barbeque and disco?

“They’re getting married in June,
in a castle with a horse and carriage.
I‘ve got four months…how much
weight can I lose?”

Mother of the Bride | Special Occasion | Plus Size | No2

So first things first, lets find out the where, when and how of this special day.

The team at Beige would be asking you these, plus a few other questions so they can establish exactly what the event will be like. Listed below (in no particular order) are the sorts of questions any good stylist should be asking you in order to be able to advise you correctly.

Time of year?
Time of day?
Is there a sit down meal or is it a buffet
Will there be dancing?
Will you be dancing?
What country?
What Venue ?
Any themes involved?
What’s the grooms’ mum wearing and do you care?
Will it be a religious ceremony or civil?
Which religion? …because what you wear to your best friends’ Greek wedding may not be suitable for your daughters!

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Of course, a beach in the Caribbean requires a completely different ‘look’ to 11am in a Church in Wiltshire! Once we have established what the event will be, we can then start to assess you, The Mother of the Bride?

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Tall or short? Red haired, blond or brunette? Apple or pear shaped?

Classic and traditional or bohemian and arty?

Whatever your style and personality, its important that we get to know you ?

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Mother of the Bride | Special Occasion | Plus Size | No5Tips for shopping for your Mother of the Bride outfit

Tip 1…Please come shopping with some heels. Whilst I appreciate shopping all day in heels is uncomfortable, please bring with you a shoe that is about the same height as the one you would wish to wear on the special day.

Tip 2…Another issue when considering what to wear for a special occasion is the underwear. I think that a good bra really is essential. However as far as the rest of your figure is concerned, whilst there are many products designed to suck in, smooth out, drop a dress size which are very tempting. Please beware, consider your comfort, and imagine that you will be wearing these garments for many hours and will surely be sampling several glasses of champagne through out. Go shopping wearing the correct underwear.

Tip 3…Unless you are having the dress made for especially you, there will probably be alterations needed. Sometimes, a small alteration can have a transforming effect on a dress. A first class alteration service is essential. Ensure that the shop you are going to is able to carry out this service.

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Tip 4…Check what’s suitable. You may prefer to wear a trouser ensemble…but is this suitable for the event? If you daughter (or your son for that matter) is marrying into a family whose religion is different to your own, it would be wise to check the dress code. After all a sexy dress suitable for the Oscars, may feel a little bare in some religious communities.

Tip 5: Leave yourself enough time to find your dream outfit for the mother of the bride.

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