The trauma of the plus size dress

The trauma of plus size dress

26 November 2009

So here I am trying to write an article about plus size dresses. Frankly I don’t even like the term. I am a ‘plus’ size woman, what else should I call myself? Oh yes of course I’m fat, over weight and I like those words even less.

If I’m searching on Google for shops that have clothes suitable for me I’m appalled at the words I need to use in order to find something suitable.

Curvy well yes that’s a nicer word dresses for curvy girls dresses for curvy women. Unfortunately curvy doesn’t seem to work well when searching the web for clothes.

I’ve got off the point haven’t I? this is meant to be about dresses. I, like many plus size women prefer to wear trousers. My thighs rub together and I find it difficult to find attractive shoes that are comfortable. Nevertheless, there are just some occasions when only a dress will do

Ok, so I’m going to haul myself into spanks or into some other contraption to iron out the bumps and smooth out my thighs. To finish me off, I’m prepared to die in some high-heels so…should I bump into the Trinny and Susannah duo or worse Gok they would be proud of me.

“Well what dress?”

I’m 5’ 5” around 15 stone and a size 18 to and 20/22 bottom. In the trade I’m known as a pear shape. Well there I’ve said it I’ve come out. You should also know that at age 51 I’ve got nothing good to say about my arms so this dress had better have sleeves or some thing to cover the arm or I’m not interested. Oh yes and while im having a good moan not too short please the legs arnt so hot.

Because I’m a pear I can show of my waist and my boobs aren’t too bad, so a low neck line works for me. I seem to have a lot of lunch events this summer (you know girl friends, special birthdays and some charity doos) and I really need a couple of dresses.

I know prints are very “in” however Im more the sporty type (you can laugh, I mean in my taste not literally) and I’m not fond of pretty pretty floral. I’m a townie and want to at least I’m sophisticated. Some of the 70s inspired prints are good or a good missoni-look print wks well.

A lot of dresses have empire line cuts. They work beautifully on “apple shapes” (those of you who have lost your waists and carry.

Before Beige I drove my self mad trying to find clothes that I like. Let me be clear about this, I found loads of beautiful clothes that didn’t fit, I adored them but they didn’t fit!

Then there were the clothes that did fit …I didn’t like them. Maybe for some it doesn’t matter. It matters to me. Its bad enough that I love my food and can’t keep to a diet (I’m not going to blame it anything else) I wanted to wear what my slim girl friends wear. I do not want to wear ‘special clothes’ in horrible fabrics and I don’t necessarily feel the need to hide it all under tent like ensembles.

glad I got that of my chest…if you want to chat about how on earth you are going to get into a plus size dress, email me at leanda @

In the meantime, check out a fabulous collection of plus size dresses.

Leanda Walters
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