Plus size 28 – Dela-o-kandes Story

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To complete my research I wanted to chat to a woman who’s a plus size 28. I instantly remembered the most wonderful lady who ran the care home where my late father spent his last years.

Dela is the kindest and most generous person you could ever wish to meet. Her enthusiasm and energy, far belies her plus size 28 frame. I have plenty of slim friends who could never keep up with Dela!Aside from being matron of a care home, she is very involved in her church and has four young children and a husband to look after as well. She works in Hampstead North West London and agreed to meet me for a very quick lunch in the beautiful setting of Kenwood House.Leanda Dela, thank you so much for meeting with me. I know that your time is so precious. Let me start by asking you if I may what are your key wardrobe needs

Dela Lea it’s so great to see you again, it’s been too long and I never take the time to have lunch. Look at us, we are so blessed to be sitting outside in the sunshine this early in the year.

I do have quite a few hard and fast rules about my clothes. My biggest issue is that every thing I buy has to be easy to care for. My Miele washing machine is my new best friend! Everything has to co-ordinate because I don’t have time in the mornings to fuss over what goes with what .I prefer to wear skirts or dresses. My black skin suits strong clear colours; however I can’t seem to get away from black for some of my basics.

Leanda You have wonderfully curvy shape and those amazing legs and ankles, you are so right to wear skirts and dresses. I love the easy care fabrics too do you find them comfortable to wear?

Dela Actually I do, technology has come on so much and the man made fabrics are cool and breathable. In fact they use them for most sports wear these days, my eldest son plays football for Barnet, you can imagine how hot those guys get when they play…their kit is all man made fabrics.

Leanda I’m completely converted to Viscose these days. It used to be that everybody wanted pure cotton t shirts but actually viscose is extremely comfortable close to the skin. Viscose holds its colour and shape unlike cotton that shrinks and fades

Dela “What’s Viscose made of”? Leanda Well in fact it starts off as a natural product mostly from tree bark. I love tops made of Viscose.Dela since you’ve mentioned tops, as you can see I’m very full busted and I prefer tops. I do like shirts and blouses however I dread the idea that I could be talking to an important client or even worse at a church meeting and a button gives way and I’m completely exposed.

Tops are difficult too because you really need a good bra and that’s not always easy for me to find. I do sometimes treat myself to a bra from Rigby and Peller now that they’ve got a branch at Brent Cross, but they are quite pricy.

Leanda Have you seen Bravissimo? They have several shops and then you can buy on line once you’ve established your size. They’re reasonably priced and specialise in large cup sizes.

Now talking of cups would you like late or cappuccino?

Leanda Walters
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