ASIP Event: Dressing Size 16+ Women

ASIP Event Dressing Size 16+ Women

I was recently invited to give a talk to a special group of ladies; my brief was to give our top tips for dressing curvy women.

Well nothing wrong with that, I’m up to talk about my favorite subject.

But and it was a big but, this particular group of women were experienced stylists who collectively are from Association of Stylists & Image Professionals or ASIP as they are known.   ASIP is one of the best groups around for this sort of thing.   Well obviously I was very flattered but wow it was going to be intimidating …or so I thought.  Talk about teaching your grandma to suck eggs or what ever the saying is.

Leanda Walters
Talking at the ASIP event

Talking at the ASIP eventWe had a bit of trouble finding the place because …well we aren’t too brilliant with working our navigation apps on our mobiles.  Then upon arrival it was probably quite amusing to see two middle aged curvy women dragging a rail from the car to the venue.

Thank goodness I was not alone; Hennie Fearnley the Manager from our Chancery Lane Branch joined me.   All the effort was worth it. Thank you so much Hennie.

Leanda, Hennie
Leanda Walters and Hennie Fearnley
Leanda Walters
Talking at the ASIP event

Hennie and I worked our double act, Hennie has lots of experience in dressing curvy girls; her branch specialises in business suiting from size 16 to size 24. We kept the focus of our advice on dressing professional plus size women within the size bracket.

ss collection
Spring summer capsule

In actual fact we were given a very warm welcome and our advice seemed to go down very well.  Hennie and I enjoyed the evening immensely.

You can read their blog about our visit on

Thank to everyone from ASIP for all your kind words

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asip event
ASIP event



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