Occasion wear in Plus Size

Occasion wear in Plus Size

Dressing for special occasions…

We plus size girls all groan when we are invited to some special event. What are we going to wear? Where are you going? your best friends wedding? Your parents golden wedding anniversary? Or it’s your daughter’s wedding?You absolutely can not wear a baggy top over leggings. This is a really special occasion and you have to look the part.I admit that I find this kind of dressing up really difficult. I’m a pear shape and although my top half is around a size 18 which I can cope with, my bottom half is a good size 22 and I can’t cope with that for this sort of ensemble. I would really like a red carpet look (you know, “think Oscars”) and now that I’m in my fifties I can’t get away with things that I used to.

A sexy corset on top of a long taffeta skirt would look luscious except that the top of my arms are well past their sell by date. Oh and by the way, black is out of the question it’s your daughter’s wedding!

Well now, let’s not despair because there are fabulous clothes out there for us fuller figures who need occasion wear plus size. Designers such as Kirsten Krog, Anna Scholz, and Elena Miro will take you to the ball (or what ever).

Leanda Walters
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