Selfridges drops Marina Rinaldi

Selfridges drop Marina Rinaldi

22 December 2009

I recently did a review of the West Ends ‘plus shopping’ and mentioned then that Selfridges had gotten rid of all its plus size designers (there was at one time a good plus department in Selfridges) and grudgingly kept only Marina Rinaldi.

Now it seems that even Marina Rinaldi is not suitable for this most fashionista store.

Does a size 16 plus woman lower the tone of the place – I don’t think that I will be buying my make up, shoes, gifts, sending flowers husbands clothes and so on. I do not want to upset any one or ruin their day by their having to look at me (a size 20).

I find this amusing when their hand bag department on the ground floor surely thrives on overseas visitors particularly from the middle east, and trust me when I tell you that they are certainly curvy women size 16 plus

I spend a lot of time mooching around Selfridges because it’s near one of my stores (Beige in New Cavendish Street). I watch all the potential Beige customers in the store spending just as much if not more in some departments as their slim counterparts. Well all of you out there who mourn the loss of the Selfridges plus department and will be inconveniences by Marina Rinaldi moving, try Beige.

We stock marina Rinaldi and we shall make sure that we have a lot of it from now on, we also have Persona, Wille and Anna Scholz…names you will remember from Selfridges past…there loads more too many to mention.

So go online and start updating your wardrobe with the latest plus size Marina Rinaldi!

Leanda Walters
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