Designer Plus Size Clothing Not by Prada, YSL or Mulberry

Designer Plus Size Clothing? Not by Prada, YSL or Mulberry!

A recent article by Claudia Connel prompted me to write a response. Claudia Connel, a journalist for the Daily Mail, took it upon herself to see how some of the top glamorous designer stores treat real women.

Anna Scholz dresses

Anna Scholz dresses

When it comes to discussing plus size designers, only one truly springs to mind. Anna Scholz is probably the industries most recognised plus size designer with one of her specialties being the perfect plus size dress.

Selfridges drop Marina Rinaldi

Selfridges drops Marina Rinaldi

I recently did a review of the West Ends ‘plus shopping’ and mentioned then that Selfridges had gotten rid of all its plus size designers (there was at one time a good plus department in Selfridges) and grudgingly kept only Marina Rinaldi.



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